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Welcome to the Gems! We are a rating community based on inner beauty. We want fun and unique girls who are proud to be who they are. We have many activities including themes, contests, and games.

Think you have what it takes to be a Gem? Apply now!

For Applicants:
01. You must be over the age of 14.
02. Please have your application up within 1 week of joining.
03. Be sure to read all the information about the cards and points system before you apply. You can read it here.
04. Fill out your application completely.
05. Post your application under an lj-cut titled "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"
06. Make your application Friends Only.
07. Tag your post as 'application'.
08. Do not post or comment anywhere else until you are stamped.
09. Please be patient while awaiting approval; it shouldn't take long.
10. If you are rejected, you may reapply within one week with new pictures and improved answers. After that, you will be banned.

For Members:
01. Make all posts Friends Only.
02. Vote yes, no, or sway with at least one reason you voted that way.
03. Stamping occurs 48 after an application is posted, so please be sure to vote soon.
04. Don't be rude in voting or to other members. We are all ladies here; have some class.
05. Enter Your Gem Name // Activity // Point Value in the subject line of your posts.
06. Put anything with over a paragraph of text or one picture under an lj-cut.
07. Stay active! You must earn 50 points a month to stay in the community. If not, you will be warned, then banned. If you are going on a hiatus, please comment about it.
08. Don't promote any other communities here.
09. Do not even think about starting drama, or you will be banned.
10. Have fun and make friends!

Commenting on a Post that is Not Your Own - 1 pt per comment
Text Only Posts - 10 pts
Picture Posts - 2 pts per picture up to 25 pictures. 1 pt per picture after that.
Promotions - 2 pts per promotion + 1 random special card per 10 promotions
A Member You Promoted Applies - 1 choice regular card
Card Set Image Donations - 3 random cards from set. Donate here

**February Community Themes**

February Celebration!
Each month, we will celebrate some of the weirdest and wackiest holidays of the month! 4-5 Real holidays will be posted, and the week of each particular holiday, we will celebrate by participating in special holiday activities! If you participate in at least 3 of the 5 holiday activities, you will receive a Commemorative Celebrations Card Worth 3. Plus, your Gems Group will receive 100 points! Activities close after a week, so participate while you can!

February 2 - Groundhog Day Do you prefer the winter or the spring?
February 14 - Valentine's Day What are your plans?
February 16 - President's Day Who is the sexiest President of the United States thus far?
February (ALL OF)- Black History Month What comes to mind when you hear about it?

Please make sure that you tag all your February celebration posts with the February celebration tag so that they are not missed.

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